Wednesday, May 11, 2005

More Quotes

"Let me get this straight. The President comes to town, tries to implement what he ran on, gets re-elected rather easily, implements more of the agenda he ran on. You can't beat him on ideas, so you descend into name calling. And then you criticize him for creating the atmosphere of name calling by not abandoning what he won two elections on? And you really expect people to take you seriously?"
--Duane Patterson

"Will the last Democrat with an idea please stand up? It doesn't even have to be a good one. Just pick an idea: a chicken in every pot, an intern under every desk, whatever. But please, Democrats, do something soon to indicate some minimal brain activity before a Florida judge shows up and pulls your feeding tube."
--Michael Graham

Shades of hypocrisy: "I don't want them. I think they're bad people. ...[Janice Rogers Brown] is a woman who wants to take us back to the Civil War days." --The "Honorable" Senator Harry Reid **Accusing a black woman of such is staggeringly idiotic, even from Reid. But what should we expect from the party of KKK Byrd?


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