Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Liberal Media

Many people (Liberals, of course) have informed me that the current media is NOT biased toward leftist views. These same people rant against Fox because they ARE fair and balanced!
Here is another example of left-wing bias....this time from Google. Here is an email I received from a Republican group.

Google says NO to Conservative Ads!
Do you think we have a hard time fighting against the left-wing bias of the liberal mainstream media?

Well you're right -- but it's worse than you thought.

Now, it turns out the people running the big search engines are liberally biased, too -- and they're CENSORING conservative search ad results!

Specifically, we're talking about the biggest search engine: GOOGLE. Everyone uses Google. It's even a verb now -- "I'll Google that to find out."

But it's also an advertising vehicle -- you can pay Google money, and they'll put your short ad on the right-hand side of the page of search results, based on what people are searching for.

Well, we saw that if you typed in "Tom DeLay", all of the ads were ANTI-DeLay ads. So, we took the time and spent the money so that our PRO-DeLay ad would show up too -- first.

But then we wanted to also put up an ad that exposed the hypocrisy of the Democrats -- basically, showing how the Democrats are going after Congressman DeLay for things that they've done MUCH WORSE in. So, we copied one of the ads posted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee almost WORD FOR WORD, but changed "Tom DeLay" (the GOP leader) to "Nancy Pelosi" (the Democrat leader, who violated ethics rules much worse than what DeLay is accused of - Click Here to learn more about the Democrats hypocrisy, and Click Here to learn more about Nancy Pelosi).

That's all we did -- we took the LIBERAL ad, and changed the words to make it a CONSERVATIVE ad.

And Google CENSORED our ad.

They pulled the ad, and the reason they gave was, "Google policy does not permit ad text that advocates against an individual, group or organization."

But the LIBERAL ad is still up. Click Here to take a look at the liberal ad; then look at our ad (and Google's rejection) by clicking here.

OUTRIGHT DISCRIMINATION! So now we need YOUR help to expose this blatant anti-conservative bias at the largest search engine on the planet!

We're launching a major media blitz TODAY, with press releases to every media outlet in the country, plus broadcast interviews and an expose' on our weekly radio show this week. We're also placing this Action Alert across a network of major news websites, and dozens of blogs are already picking up this story. Google may think they have a "right" to apply their rules differently to different people -- but WE have a right to SPEAK UP when we see them exhibiting BLATANT liberal bias!

We need YOUR help. We've set up our site so that you can send messages to YOUR local media -- newspapers, television, radio, etc. -- DEMANDING that they report on the LIBERAL BIAS of the largest search engine in the world.

You can only send to five local media sources at a time on our system, but feel free to use our pre-written form repeatedly to FORCE the media to DO THEIR JOBS and report on this bias. Click here NOW to send your message!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are an idiot.pure and simple. right wingers are like little kids on the school yard playground. If they dont like what they hear or are presented with the truth put their fingers in their ears and say "not listening..nananana". pathetic. Keep drinking the kool-aid and putting your head in the sand!

2:48 PM, July 12, 2005  
Blogger Doctorpece said...

Oh...I am so happy to have someone of intelligence visit my blog. Notice that that just HAVE to call people names. They don't say what they disagree with....just that I'm an idiot. And of course they believe this ANONYMOUSLY...because they haven't the guts to admit who they are. I don't blame them...If I held their views I would want to remain anonymous as well.
This is a perfect example of why the Democrats have been losing election after election...people like this! They're loud...but with no point. Like Randy Newman said, "Big Hat, No Cattle.."
Try having a conversation sometime without calling people names...it's called maturity...after a while you might actually like it and begin to form actual sentences and maybe a cohesive thought or two...Don't worry, I'm not holding my breath.

8:21 PM, July 12, 2005  

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